Heishiro Ishino

1992 born in Kobe, Japan Fascinated from a young age towards observing creatures up close, had begun drawing creatures from his imagination on a daily basis. Through repetitive observations and personal experience, the world of representation had gradually come to expand and evolve into artistic practice.

My reason for making art work.

I essentially wish to express something that seemingly transcends the energy that a person possesses.

Images that are amplified beyond the normal power, emerge in the wavering forms of animals, in particular, of carnivorous species.

The manifesting images do not convey the entirety of the animals rather, but depict a fragment as if glimpsing into the fluctuation of pathos...

I want retain energy that is not visible to the eye, into the context of reality.

There are many things that I still desire to create.

For myself the meaning of creating art, almost feels like drawing a spectacular story that is constantly cultivated amidst my own being.

Also, my concept is strongly attributed to the scenery of mythology.

And in recent years, I'm trying to find a new image in contemporary context by recycling Japanese myths with the theme of 8 million gods.

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